mark mushet photography


Velo-City is a Vancouver Museum feature Exhibition with guest curators Propellor Design.

Vancouver is a city of cyclists, a Velo-City criss-crossed by tens of thousands of cyclists of different types who are united by their passion for the simple joy of pedaling and bicycling. This exhibit about contemporary and future cycling in Vancouver is designed and curated by Toby Barratt, Nik Rust, and Pamela Goddard from Propellor Design with key photography by Mark Mushet, challenges people to think differently about an everyday object. It redefines the bicycle as a vehicle for artistic self-expression, a provocative symbol of counter-culture and as a tool for social change.

“If Velo-City has a theme, it is that biking in Vancouver has many stories. One of the best ways the exhibition illustrates the city’s many different cyclists and cycling communities is through 15 portraits of individuals. The cyclists are all beautifully photographed in black and white by Mark Mushet and matched with compelling narratives.” —Vancouver Sun

In addition to the MoV exhibit, Vancouver Review published a second series of colour portraits consisting of six of the subjects. These ran in the spring 2009 issue of VR and are seen here. A selection of the B&W MoV portraits will be added to this gallery at the end of the exhibit in September 2009.

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